Just a little clarification... March 18 2014

I think perhaps there has been a misunderstanding.  I am not taking the whipped butters and sugar scrubs off the web site permanently.  Unfortunately I do not use artificial ingredients to stabilize my products.  My whipped butters and sugar scrubs are pure shea butter, avocado oil, and Olive oil.  As such they begin to melt at a low temp.  That is why anyone who uses them loves them because they ...melt and absorb easily.  Most butters melt on body temp, 98.6 F.  On a warm sunny day these butters can melt in transit and when they arrive in your home they will have lost all their whipped goodness.  On a 70F day in a car/van for 30 mins the average temp can be as high as 104F.  Imagine if they have to travel for longer than 30 mins what a mess you would have.  For that reason we halt production until the weather cools again.  The alternative is we re-formulate the butters to include chemical stabilizers so they won't melt.  Chemical stabilizers take my products away from my pledge of all natural skin care.  I hope you understand.  Thanks!